Myday-Project Has Moved

We are excited to announce the release of our new Workday Solutions Group website which will be your resource for MyDay job aides, training events and more.  This new website will be replacing the MyDay site and includes an updated layout, new content and details on where to get help with your MyDay questions..

In addition to the previous content of the MyDay site, you will notice the following features in our new site:.

·For Employees: a redesigned job aide section that displays documents by employee type (e.g., student employee) making it easier to find relevant instructions,

·For Partners: a new section that will include training documents that can be helpful in carrying out the responsibilities of partner roles within MyDay (e.g. HR Partner, Student HR Partner, Academic Partner, etc.), as well as a Report Inventory that will be rolling out in the next phase of the website.

·For All: The MyDay Events section, where we will be posting our regular, in-person training sessions and users will have the ability to reserve a spot. Also, the Roadmaps section, which will include an overview of upcoming initiatives that the Workday Solutions Group will be working on for the coming year.

To navigate to our new Workday Solutions Group site, please click here..